Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.

Ambrose Redmoon

The courage to do anything outside of our comfort zone comes with a price.  That price is integrity, mountainous mastery of a seemingly small task, and a new facet of character.

When fear and doubt loom large with ferocious voices that stop us cold like a mountain lion in our path, we can scant hear the voice of courage, the small bird on the branch high above – a song of encouragement.  We are preoccupied more with the danger at hand – the “what-ifs” of the lion’s roar.  We focus on our fight or flight instinct ignoring the voice of reason and fortitude gracefully orchestrated in the single quiet notes of a songbird.

At this precipice, at this juncture, we must sit on a stump and quiet our minds, quiet the lion’s roar, calm our breath and listen.  Like sunlight through the pines, it comes – soft, radiant, definite – until we hear only that – allowing us once again to step forward and take on the lion, now reduced to a mere cat in our path.

Listen for the small voice of courage, reason, and integrity when fear looms large.  Let the voice beam down like a small ray of sun through pine branches.  Hear only that, ignore the rest.  Fear will shrivel from lack of attention because you have found something else – more important – to focus on.

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