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  • You want to work with real people, just like you, who get where you’re coming from and where you want to go.
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  • You want someone who cares.

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Here are just a few stories of how we’ve helped clients, just like you, thrive through tough situations:

> Going the extra mile, even when you're stuck miles from home

A client’s wife called us from holiday in Asia. They had ended their cruise early because our client had become seriously ill. Due to a pre-existing medical condition, no insurance company would cover our client for this trip, so his wife urgently needed access to money to pay the ongoing hospital bills. Because of the relationship we had built with this client over a decade we were able to spring into action and assist his wife. Their bank wasn’t cooperating with her, so we called our contacts there and after 48 hours of ongoing negotiation on her behalf we ensured she had access to $100,000 to pay her husband’s medical bills. It was because of the mutual trust between us and this client that we were able to help his wife and ensure their safe passage back home to Australia.

> A Delicious Result for Two New Business Owners

We had a couple in their 30s approach us about starting their own business. She was a chef and he worked in construction, together they wanted to start their own cafe that also sold pre-prepared meals for busy people. They were interested in buying an old, run-down cafe to start their business, however after some investigation it was clear the asking price was unfairly high, so we began negotiations with the broker on their behalf. Simultaneously we got working with them on the costs of renovation, staffing levels, ordering, payroll and timeframes. We helped them get the cafe up-and-running as well as transform it into a highly successful business with a large turnover. Our work meant they had a clear understanding of their expenses, daily takings and cash flow and we also worked collaboratively on the business side of things, including working with the builder, assisting with hiring, working out the menu and opening hours and installing POS on site. Initially we met every fortnight, now we meet once a month. They consider us their “Board of Advisors” because along with taking care of the accounts, superannuation, BAS, bookkeeping, staffing and tax, we help them with the day-to-day running of their business. It’s a total success story! They went from making $400/500 per day to making several thousand per week. Now they are looking to expand with an alfresco dining space, and of course we are taking care of the approvals and leg work for this on their behalf.

> Two-left feet in finance? No problem. Cha-cha-cha-ching!

We received a worried phone call one day from a dance studio business owner who had not lodged a tax return for a number of years, their finances were completely disorganised and the owners were very stressed about this. Despite the finances being in a mess, the dance studio they operated was a successful business that made a substantial profit. So we got to work to understand their business very quickly and implement a two prong approach: to organise their finances and set-up them up for greater success in the future. We completed several years of tax returns, many quarterly BAS and other compliance measures. With little to no financial information available, we visited the business in-person, worked closely with them and put in place record keeping practices, business software and cash flow analysis. We helped them with their student fees, payroll and budgeting. The business went from a turnover of $350,000 per year to $800,000, and we’ve helped them expand to a second location as well. Now they can clearly see how their business is going, can make informed decisions and have even said they’re sleeping better each night.

> An Operations Overhaul that Added a Zero

When the mining boom began to retract, a business that serviced the industry approached us because they had begun to realise the cracks in their own operations. They ran an engineering workshop that despite having a large number of jobs, was making a poor profit percentage in terms of turn over. We undertook a complete analysis and found they were managing their finances very poorly, they had huge overheads and their lack of cash flow management was costing them a lot. We offered them a number of options, protocols and business principles to fix and manage their business for the future. Through having frank conversations and managing conflicting interests inside the business, we were able to help this company massively grow. We took a completely hands-on approach and really took it upon ourselves to see this business succeed – their annual turnover has soared from $2 million to several million! We also found they had no risk management in place in case of an accident, so we connected them with the right people to ensure they were appropriately insured in the event that something happened.

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