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Our team of financial people are here to help families and small to medium business achieve their goals. We’re a family business with big city experience and a focus on achieving outstanding results.

Because you see, we know:

  • You want a financial planner that you can have a valuable, rewarding and long-standing relationship with.
  • You want to be empowered and able to make decisions that provide you and your family freedom to make the choices you desire.
  • You want intelligent and collaborative partnerships that best serve your needs.
  • You want to work with real people, just like you, who get where you’re coming from and where you want to go.
  • You want innovative solutions that go beyond the numbers.
  • You want peace of mind & confidence to kick some goals, doing what you love.
  • You want someone who cares.

We would expect nothing else, so that’s what we’ll provide.

That’s our promise to you.

Make the right choices for life’s important financial decisions.

No one and nothing will be left behind. By getting to know you and your financial position, we identify issues you may not even foresee and then we stay by your side until they are resolved.

We’re here to create appropriate solutions, smooth execution and are fanatical with our ongoing support. Seems like we’re onto something too, because our clients can’t get enough of it…

Here are just a few stories of how we’ve helped clients, just like you, thrive through tough situations:

> Confident that our plans will become a reality.

“It is a pleasure to provide positive feedback. With Coral Horizon Finance, we are confident that our plans will become a reality. The team do a great job and it shows in the results we get.”

John Elliott

> We were in a bit of a pickle, but the team’s exceptional knowledge and work ethic...

“Over the 7 years we have been clients of Coral Horizon we have always found everyone to be friendly and efficient. In the beginning we were in a bit of a pickle, but the team’s exceptional knowledge and work ethic has made us a nice portfolio.”

Sandra & Ron

> Thank you for the management of our financial planning process over the past 15 years...

“We would like to express our thanks for your advice and commitment in the management of our financial planning process over the past 15 years, with a view to our recent retirement.”

Colin & Margaret Hamilton

We’ll look after you every step of the way.

When you seek financial advice, we’ll take a step-by-step approach to help you reach your goals.


Step 1

At an initial meeting you’ll find out more about us and get a sense about how we can help you. We’ll ask you some questions and begin forming a comprehensive understanding of your goals and any financial challenges you may be facing. We’ll give you information about financial advice costs too.

Step 2

We’ll help you clarify and define your goals and understand your current financial position. Together, we’ll agree on the main financial areas to focus on.

Step 3

When we’re preparing your financial plan, we’ll consider the financial strategies most likely to help you reach your goals and give you recommendations and our financial advice in writing.

Step 4

We’ll discuss our recommendations with you and you’ll decide how to proceed from there.

Step 5

If you would like us to, we can periodically review your objectives, achievements and ongoing needs.

Get the experience you deserve.

Ready to create a custom solution for your financial future?

Speak with us today and make a time to put plans in place for your tomorrow.